Fast Forward Strategy Group (FFWD)  provides a wide variety of targeted services depending upon the individual requirements of each client:

  • Investor Presentation Materials: FFWD will build your investor presentation based on extensive experience working with angel, VC, CVC and individual investors.

  • Investor Introductions and Fundraising Strategy: We have experience and contacts to facilitate and close the fundraising process.

  • Business Development: The foundation of FFWD’s business model is our ability to leverage the combined knowledge, experience and contacts of our partners and associates to achieve specific corporate objectives through strategic partnerships, business development and marketing activities designed to significantly impact the long-term success of each client.

  • M&A Advisory Services: A natural byproduct of our business development activities, FFWD will identify and facilitate strategic relationships and transactions, which typically drive the M&A process.

  • Product Positioning and Development: Our partners have wide business, and marketing experience and are prepared to effectively develop and position your product, technology and company for market success.

  • Product Launch: Several of our partners have extensive product launch experience

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